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What are the easily lost parts of ultrasonic mask spot welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
At present, mask manufacturers basically work in two shifts, and each employee works every day and night every half a month. The ultrasonic mask spot welding machine used to weld the ear band of the mask is basically running on the axis for 24 hours. Generally, the ultrasonic wave of the manual single point mask spot welder is not so easy to be da
Welding process of ultrasonic welding machine[ 2020-09-15 ]
The ultrasonic welding machine transforms the current 50 / 60Hz electric frequency into 20kHz or 40KHz electric energy through a transistor function equipment, and supplies it to the ultrasonic converter. The converter converts the electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy for ultrasonic, and the voltage regulator is responsible for trans
Difference between ultrasonic cutting and laser cutting[ 2020-09-15 ]
Non woven fabric has the characteristics of soft, thin, sticky and easy to deform under stress. According to the design requirements, a laser cutting machine is purchased for cutting. However, in practical application, the edge of the cloth will always be scorched yellow (even black) and hard. After investigation, it is found that ultrasonic cutti
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