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Composition and purchase precautions of ultrasonic welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
With the market demand for masks, the heat of ultrasonic welding system is still increasing. The system can be used in the welding of mask nose bar, welding after folding, breathing valve welding, multi-layer rolling welding and ear band welding. Ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine and welding equipment.
What secrets do you don't know about mask production[ 2020-09-18 ]
When it comes to masks that are used every day, everyone is familiar with them. But do you know what machines are needed to produce masks? Everyone should see a complete automatic production line. But what kind of machines do those manufacturers use? One of the machines that manufacturers often use to produce their masks is the ultrasonic welding
Seven advantages of ultrasonic metal welding machine[ 2020-09-18 ]
Ultrasonic metal welding technology is widely used in automobile, refrigeration, solar energy, battery, electronics and other fields. The application products include: multi-layer positive and negative electrode welding of power battery, nickel mesh and nickel plate welding of metal hydride nickel battery, copper foil and nickel welding of lithi
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